November 25th, 2002


I've got two essays due this week.

The essay I thought was the first due Wednesday (actually due Friday but whatever) is my essay on the New Deal as fundamentally conservative, and it's only five to seven pages in length so it's easy.

The essay that I thought was due second (actually due first now) is my essay on British health policy in the mid-19th century as caught between Foucauldian ideals of total control and the persistence of laissez-faire ideology. It's 12 pages, hence more challenging.

Well. Nothing else to do but prove why people think I'm smart. I just wish I could do so at more leisure.

Day Is Done, Gone's The Sun ...

It's cold now. I wish Jacques Cartier had sailed for Brazil, not Canada, then we could be warm. (Actually, we'd probably complain about the heat, but still.)

Dr. MacLaine was quite interested in the article on the Taiwanese subempire; he suggested I might want to adopt its language. He's less warm about explaining the origins of Québec's peculiar clerico-nationalist state in the counterreaction to the indigenous liberal revolutions of 1837-38, but he thinks it'd fit as an appendix to the main text.

I got Martha Washington Goes To War and Martha Washington Saves the World. According to that Frank Miller resource, there's still some standalone comics to get. It's qutie fine, though. Allan, want to borrow either collection?

Still trying to get the essays written. Little success so far.

Oh, and I saw the latest Buffy. All I'll say is that Whedon knows his Lovecraft.
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