November 28th, 2002

Caffeine and Term Papers

Part of the problem with my caffeine addiction is that I can't concentrate as well as I'd like. This explains why, in addition to working on my paper, I chatted with friends (not that that is a problem, of course), surfed the Internet, and played Star Control until a quarter to 3.

Ah, well. At least the HIST 261 term paper is longer in terms of pages on UPEI computers, thanks to different formatting. Let's hope it sticks.

My (Academic) Day

I'd submitted by HIST 261 paper just under the wire. I didn't buckle down, of course; I did surf the web and chat with people, but I only dropped it off at the History Department office just in time. As it turned out, the paper was compressed--the UPEI WordPerfect programs must format lines and paragraphs more densely than at home. So, argh.

A word to the wise: Never build a 200-level undergraduate paper around Foucault. Bad idea.

At least my HIST 391 paper, due tomorrow, is done thanks to Erin's kind criticism.
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My (Personal) Day

My personal day was complicated. It began decently enough, with the gym going quite well--I skipped exercises yesterday to get some schoolwork done, but I'll take it up tomorrow. (Wednesday instead of my strength and cardiovascular exercises I only did 40 minutes of biking and sit-ups. Still, I think my stomach's definitely getting harder under its carapace of flesh).

When I got home, I'd found that one of the books I'd ordered from Amazon--2300AD's Earth/Cybertech sourcebook--had arrived. I've taken a look at it, and actually the world described is fairly decent. It just doesn't fit in well at all with the 2300AD ethos, much more about space exploration than cybergrunge. Ah well. I'll have to update my 2300AD country pages--Poland in Lithuania is problematic, while Latvia might need some tweaking. Or not: Scott, Tom, what do you think?

I'd decided, when I got home, to go to the Rainbow Society (GLBT group) meeting on campus. I hadn't gone in a while, and I thought it might be fun. I went to Main where I met up with Allan and some cute girls. We talked for a bit in the PoliSci lounge, and then at 7 o'clock I went to the meeting. Which, in retrospect, might ot have been a good idea. It isn't that the people aren't decent enough, I think, it's just that I really don't identify with drag queens or disco or the other stereotypical markets of GLBT culture. Ah, to be in a larger centre.

And let's not talk about the parents, OK?
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