November 29th, 2002


I've dropped off the final paper (HIST 391), and I've switched to an unlimited-time Internet package with ISN (I download a lot, probably too many, mp3s and videos and whatnot).

Next, to meet up with Amy's Id.


Amy's id was quite nice to meet in person. I ended up tagging along to some theatre performances in Duffy, the final exam of the theatre class. There was a deadly funny play of a massively dysfunctional rich family (marriage getting annulled, children psychologically wrenched, cruel cutting comments all around) that was very good; Act 3 of Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest was less so, although that's because I think Wilde's plots tend just to be a collection of quotes strung together in the semblance of a plot--I'm not making a very good bi, am I?

I left at 3 pm, and then went to Main. I gorged on cheese in the Economics Lounge, then fell asleep as I read a book in the cushioned Eames chair in the English Lounge and missed my ride by an hour.

Oh: My copy of 2300AD's Colonial Atlas has come in. So, yes, I'm quite pleased.
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Honours Essay notes

  • Thirty Acres describes a civilization (the French Canadian Catholic rural peasantry) that was quite dynamic and resisted liberal industrial capitalism for a relatively long time (until the 1920's) before succumbing.

  • Barometer Rising describes two civilizations (Cape Breton Gaeldom and Haligonian upper-class WASP circles) which were not dynamic, which did not differ all that much from the "Ontario/US model" to start with and did not discourage assimilation.

  • Surfacing describes a civilization--the Euro-Canadian presence on the Canadian Shield--that has entirely given up on trying to be independent of the core, and is just satiated by being a periphery.

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(This posting, to those of you unfamiliar with 2300AD, talks about merging four fictional RPG settings into one. So, if you're worried about being a geek, be warned and read no further.)

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