December 9th, 2002

It is my life

My HIST 101 final exam was easy, as I expected. Just one hour and 20 minutes. I was mildly surprised that my term paper--the one on the effect of American privateering on Nova Scotian Ameriphilia/Anglophilia during the War of American Independence--wasn't in the History office as I expected. I'll have to E-mail Dr. Moran about that.

I talked with Dr. MacLaine about my Honours essay, the MacLennan segment. Basically, my Honours is going quite nicely; though I do need more cross-comparisons, they can easily be integrated into the text of the article. After I get Atwood and Surfacing done, there will be the introduction, the appendix on the origins of Québec distinctiveness and the challenge to liberal-democratic capitalism made by French Canadian nationalists, and a brief conclusion. He suggests that I could get the whole project done by the end of January of 2003, which is interesting.

I'm also somewhat intimidated. Once I get that done, what's next? Master's degree for certain, but where, and how, and where will the money come from? I'll manage somehow, I don't doubt, but the idea of taking on student debt is vaguely intimidating to me. Living on my own less so, especially once I'm out there, but still.

Off to do my Christmas shopping!

I need an LJ code for a friend. Can anyone E-mail me one?

A New LJer!

Everyone, I'd like to welcome
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Everyone, I'd like to welcome <lj-user=choreo_m>, formerly <i>Amy's Id</i>, to the innumerable overlapping circles of friends that make up Livejournal!