December 11th, 2002


It would both be charitable and honest to say that I'm not a people person.

I've improved, thank God, since early February of this year when, if you'd asked me if I had a sexual orientation, I would've said no. I think it's safe to say that I've got friends, RL and electronically-mediated, and that I'm beginning to act upon my potential as a social being.

(I think. Can anyone who knows my in real life confirm otherwise?)

I'm concerned, though, with the idea of guy/girl heterosexual dating. Most of the people I've talked to about dating have described it in a guy/guy context, which is quite fine, of course, but I'm honestly unsure as to how this might differ. What I'm trying to ask is, what do women want?

A Future Take on Robot Wars

AI Group Demands Ban on Recordings

EarthWeb/Teralogos Dec 11, 2100

the Sentient AI Anti-Defamation Association--has called for the banning of the sale of recordings of "robot fighting" shows from the late twen cen and early in the century, claiming that the programs demean and insult modern intelligent machines. The group alleges that these recordings are commonly shown at gatherings of biochauvinist organizations, encouraging anti-AI feelings. The programs, which largely date from before the advent of true artificial intelligence, show rudimentary teleoperated cybershells in gladiatorial-style combat. In most of the melees this reporter viewed, only one of the robots would emerge intact.

I showed one of the bouts to a group of sapient infomorphs. Isolde, an E.U. citizen, said after watching the episode, "If I was in a bioshell, this would make me physically ill. Imagine how you'd feel if you saw a recording of humans who could be your ancestors forced to beat each other to death for the enjoyment of a cheering crowd?"

Kanga, a sapient artificial intelligence (SAI) who is the legal property of the American DynaPower corporation, largely agreed. "I find the use of even pre-sentient cybernetic beings in this manner to be quite disturbing. Of course, it bears no resemblance to the situation of SAI's today. I am quite happy about my status. I am."

InVid-enabled copies of the "robot fighting" shows can readily be purchased over the Web. Most of the individuals selling the recordings refused to answer my questions, although one seller did send a brief response. His message read, in total, "Robot fighting shows have nothing to do with today's robots [sic]. They were all remote control toys. This is just another excuse for metalheads to act all oppressed."

As yet, there has been no official response to SAI-ADA's petition from any national legislature.

-- filed by Jamais Cascio

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More Humour

From Benjamin Levy, a poster on the Futurists list. And yes, he's a contractor:


> ObDiscussion: James Bond-style supervillains really did exist. Or is
> one already?

We need a few! Can you imagine the boon these villains would be for the engineering and construction industry?

"Doctor Phu, here is my proposal. You'll note I've included options for a retractable helicopter landing pad, stainless steel lining for the underground monorail tube, and a polycarbonate transparent viewing wall for the mutant shark tank. Without the alternates, it comes to 6.2 billion dollars. If we can go non-union, we can scale it back to 4.7billion."

"Ah, good, good... one more thing... I would like to locate this on an uncharted tropical isle."

"And I assume that after 500 workers are on site for 2 years you want it to remain uncharted? Doctor, I'm afraid that will cost a little extra."

Bondian supervillains are a contractor's dream.
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