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Monday, December 16th, 2002
12:13a - A draft of Star Trek: Nemesis
Right here.

Spoilers, of course.

You know, I've never minded spoilers. What has mattered to me is how the spoilers and the plot are performed, not their existence in themselves. I want to see this movie, needless to say.

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10:25a - Unexpected Racism
Native leader under fire for applauding Hitler
Anti-Jewish diatribe prompts demand for hate-crimes probe in Saskatchewan

David Ahenakew's anti-Semitism is wrong on so many levels. A more generic racism as well:

"My great-grandson goes to school here in Saskatoon. These goddamned immigrants — East Indians, Pakistanis, Afghanistan, whites and so forth — call him a dirty little Indian. He's the cleanest of the old goddamn works there. That's what I'm saying. It's starting right there, at six years old."

I'd suggest that this exceptionally radical racism stems from a particularly radical anti-colonialism, a post-Fanonist movement if you would.

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6:16p - SETI@Home
Well, I've done. I went to


downloaded SETI@Home, and installed it. Now, I'm contributing to SETI.

It'd be funny if I actually found a signal, wouldn't it?

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10:06p - Christmas Shopping
I've finished my Christmas shopping. By and large, the gifts I've bought fall into three categories: music/video; Island and Canadian souvenirs; and, Island and Canadian musical/video souvenirs. I know, now, that I put the actual purchases and preparation for shipping (for my off-Island friends) much too late; I'll just entrust the gifts to the care of Purolator Courier and hope that they get there in time.

I'll be going to see Star Trek: Nemesis tomorrow night, and then hopefully The Two Towers Thursday night as part of Jen Galle's birthday celebrations. Going to see the movies is fun; I've gone more often in 2002 alone than in the rest of my life before that date.

current mood: somewhat accomplished

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