December 20th, 2002


I went to the gym at 7 o'clock and planned to work out there until 9. I'd forgotten, as I finished my bike ride, that the gym was going to close at 8.

Thanks, Andrew, for recommending Charles de Lint to me. His writing's wonderfully dense and evocative, and it's excellent reading. Which reminds me that I should write quite a lot more fiction myself.

The Main computer lab wasn't working, and so I left Main to go wandering about when I heard xylophone music coming from the Faculty of Music. I wandered about until I found the guy playing; the melody reminded me vaguely of that Björk song, "Under My Spine."

That's pretty much everything.
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Note to the UPEI Rainbow Society


I'm Randy McDonald. Over the fall semester I irregularly attended meetings of the UPEI Rainbow Society. I'm sending this note to let you know that I won't be attending these meetings in the foreseeable future, and because I feel I owe you the courtesy of telling you why I won't be attending.

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My best wishes,
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