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Tuesday, April 13th, 2004
3:02a - [BLOG-LIKE POSTING] France, its Muslims, and the Future
Of late, it has frequently been suggested that France--and increasingly, not only France but western Europe as a whole--is heading for a Muslim majority. No longer will France be plausibly described as the "eldest daughter" of the Catholic Church; no longer will Luther’s church have any sway in his homeland; no longer will local Christianities mark the daily lives of people in Spain and Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden. Instead of church towers, we will have minarets. Instead of the code napoléon, we will have the shari’a. Instead of women sunning themselves on Mediterranean beaches and same-sex marriage in the Low Countries, we’ll have women forced to wear burqas and gays once again closeted. The past centuries of social liberalization in Europe will be brutally reversed, as Europe enters a new dark age. (But particularly France, since it has too many Muslims to be saved.)

Why? Well, rates of immigration are high enough, but the main factor is the high Muslim birth rate. In the context of a generalized European birth dearth, high fertility rates on the part of Muslim immigrants will inevitably lead to a replacement of the native European population by non-natives. We’ve seen this before, of course, in such sterling examples as the success of the French Canadians in assimilating eastern Canada and New England, the Italian absorption of France and Argentina, the irreversible Russification of the outer republics of the Soviet Union, the ongoing Mexican conquest of California and Texas, et cetera.

First question of the day: Does anyone see a problem with the above historical summary?

Let’s take a quick look at the development of American Catholicism.Collapse )

First, how many French Muslims are there?Collapse )

How much Muslim immigration is there?Collapse )

On to the fertility question.Collapse )

What exactly is a ‘French Muslim’?Collapse )

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8:39p - [HONOURS] Ringuet and Thirty Acres
In my previous post, I've mentioned that, in regards to French Muslims and their relationship with wider French culture,

There does seem to be a belief that French culture--as an example of Western culture generally--is too corrupt to stand up against stern religious faith. Which is an entertaining belief, I suppose, but I find it difficult to believe that is accurate. I've read about this kind of thing before when I wrote my Honours thesis last year. In that case, granted, the groups thinking Canadian culture was corrupt were early 20th century Québécois peasants, Nova Scotian farmers, and mildly deranged hippies, but still. When you see massive and growing assimilation to a majority's culture, as in the case of those three subgroups from my essay or in the case of French Muslims--in terms of language, religious behaviour, gender norms, demographic structures--it's impossible to maintain the community's integrity. People will defect entirely; people will disagree with your goals; people will choose to fold in on themselves.

I was referring to my Honours thesis in English, written over 2001-2003 and successfully defended on the 10th of April, 2003. I examined three works of Canadian literature--Ringuet's Thirty Acres (Fr: Trente Arpents), Hugh MacLennan's Barometer Rising, and Margaret Atwood's Surfacing--wrapping things up with a nice conclusion. I felt that my essay's coverage of Thirty Acres, set as it is in a peasant society united by an expansionistic nationalism of largely religious origins, would be particularly relevant. I found that I didn't post it as I wrote, though.

So, here it is.

Ringuet and Thirty AcresCollapse )

As always, I retain intellectual title to this work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. (References, on the other hand, will be eagerly welcomed.)

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10:01p - [BRIEF NOTE] Links Round Up, and Welcome
Going to Technorati and browsing the blogosphere, my recent analysis of the demographic situation of French and European Muslims has gotten a fair number of links. Scott Martens linked to me at Fistful of Euros, like Russell Arben Fox at Wäldchen vom Philosophenweg, Chris Bertram at Crooked Timber, and Razib at GNXP.

I was surprised to find out that Tyler Cowen refers to my analysis pver at the Volokh Conspiracy, while Afghan Voice considers my analysis in relationship to the Netherlands' Muslim population, and the French-language blog Ceteris Paribus considers my arguments in the article "Le mythe de l'Eurabie" while linking to an interesting interview in Le Monde. The brief mentions on Blogdial, Fair to Middlin' and OxBlog were also pleasant to find.

Needless to say, every blog linking to me that wasn't on my blogroll is now. Hi!

One thing I dislike about Livejournal is that I haven't figured out a way to install a counter, so I have no idea how much (or even whether) traffic has increased. Over at BlogsCanada.ca, I've described this blog as "[o]ne Prince Edward Island expat gay-leaning bi 24 year old grad student's notoriously eclectic take on his life and the world." That says pretty much everything that needs to be said as an introduction. Enjoy, and contact me if you'd like.

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