June 14th, 2005

[NON BLOG] An Evening's Expenditures

After having watched the film with raphinou this evening, I can categorically say that Mr. and Mrs. Smith doesn't reveal whether or not Brad and Angelina did it. This film doesn't have to cater to that particular recent obsession of popular culture, since Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a good movie on its own terms. The film manages to effectively combine romantic comedy with the guns-blow-things-up-good genre of film, perhaps explaining its box office success. Better yet, this mixture isn't just a simple structural fusion of genre conventions, but actually molds an interesting plot. Aren't the sexes at war? The depiction of Brad Pitt's John Smith as a lone amateur who manages to bumble his way into success and Angelina Jolie's Jane as an overly controlling woman supported by an all-female bureaucracy says interesting things about changing perceptions of gender roles in early 21st century North America. Vince Vaughn's deserves praise for his misogynistic scumbag, and Brad Pitt surprised me nicely. As for Angelina Jolie, well, she's Angelina Jolie. 'Nuff said.

We went to Milestone's afterwards for supper. Their Bellinis are rather good.
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