June 19th, 2005

[URBAN NOTE] Converts

After my streetcar passed the CHUMCity Building on Queen Street West last night, where The Killers were rehearsing for MuchMusic's upcoming MMTV awards, I overheard two people--both women, one in her 60s and the other in her 20s--talking about going to church two seats ahead of me. A young man about my age was sitting in the seat in between. He seemed to think for a moment, then he spoke to them.

- Hello, I couldn't help but hear you talk about Church. Would you like a pamphlet describing new discoveries about the Bible?

I turned my head to see how the other passengers were reacting; I exchanged knowing glances with the man across the aisle.

- Are you Catholic? the older woman asked.

- Unfortunately, no. I believe in Jesus Christ.

- No. she said.

- Are you--

- No.

As the next stop approached, someone behind me called out to him. "C'mon, let's get off."

All the way home, I wondered if this was the new Mormon streetsmart look. He was dressed well.


Friday, I mentioned to a coworker that I was going for my second session of roleplaying. (Which went quite nicely, in case you're wondering. Early 14th century Paris has a certain sort of environment to it.) He responded with a chuckle, saying that roleplaying was completely incomprehensible to him, that he couldn't reconcile this with my personality. He said good-naturedly that, despite my explanations, it was as difficult to understand me taking part in roleplaying games as it was for a younger him to understand why Proust's Charlus was interested in playing sadomasochistic games with male prostitutes. That's when I reminded him that I wasn't going to a gay S&M orgy.

This episodes. What is participating in a roleplaying game like, and how is it different from his example? Discuss.
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CFTAG went off swimmingly today, with schizmatic, larkvi and A. in attendance in addition to myself. A long and sustained discussion was had of many topics, including the implications of magic on technology, the European Union's language policy, and the likelihood that a failing Nazi Europe would be rather more willing to attempt nuclear blackmail than a non-Stalinist Soviet Union. (Yes, I know that this list is lacking. Please add to it, anyone else who was in attendance/earshot.)