July 5th, 2005

[URBAN NOTE] The Dufferin Mall

The only thing that really bothered me about Pride was a moment in the B-Girlz' routine at Homo Night in Canada when they joked that some people had the fashion sense of the shoppers at the Dufferin Mall. I live in that nieghbourhood, TTC bus #26 goes past that mall, I've shopped there. That annoyed me.

I wonder if that passing comment had any relation to Toronto's gino/gina stereotypes, since the mall is located just to the west of the nuclei of the Portuguese- and Italian-Canadian communities. Does the relative low incomes of the surrounding neighbourhoods' residents come into play?

Just now, it occurs to me that the root issue is that the Dufferin Mall reminds me of the malls back on Prince Edward Island, even to some extent of Champlain Place back in Moncton, perennial destination for Island shoppers.
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[NON BLOG] Chopsticks

I realized this evening that I now, at last, have a reasonably good command of chopsticks. On a related theme, I also have a new appreciation for sticky rice. It's nice to know that I've moved beyond the declining Confederation Court Mall's food court and its glutinous sweet Canadianized Chinese fare.
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