July 14th, 2005

[NON BLOG] I'm off to the dentist

... where, due to my genial Island dentist's smiling incompetence I'll be providing my own little Keynesian stimulus to the Toronto dentists' microeconomy.

You know, I always wondered if root canals hurt.
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[NON BLOG] They don't, you know

Root canals feel more uncomfortable than anything else after the relevant nerves are numbed, what with the poking-about and all. It went well for a root canal, and was even several hundred dollars cheaper than expected.
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    pleased, I think

[BRIEF NOTE] Demographic Speculations

Inspired by a typically incisive post by one_serious_cat about demographic determinism, I've a question.

Let's say that the United Nations' projections of world populations are accurate, and that upper- and middle-income countries will experience accelerated population decline. This decline will not be caused by high death rates or substantial emigration, but simply by individual men and women deciding not to become parents or to have only one child because they want to enjoy a higher standard of living than they could otherwise afford.

Assuming that the appropriate government policies exist to support these millions of individual choices, why would this decline be a bad thing?