July 27th, 2005

[BRIEF NOTE] Why Atlantic Canada Frustrates Me

From the Wikipedia article List of countries by GDP (PPP) per capita, and apologies for the lack of tabs:

— Netherlands Antilles (Netherlands) 23,770
30 United Arab Emirates 23,723
31 Equatorial Guinea 23,154
32 Israel 22,944
33 South Korea 22,543
34 Slovenia 21,695
35 Greece 21,529
36 Cyprus 20,669
37 Malta 20,015
38 Portugal 19,949
39 Bahrain 19,748
40 Czech Republic 19,475
— Macau SAR (PRC) 19,400*
41 Bahamas 19,139
— Puerto Rico (USA) 17,700*
42 Barbados 17,170
43 Hungary 16,627

From the Wikipedia article "New Brunswick":

GDP per capita - $20,833

From the Wikipedia article "Nova Scotia":

Per capita income is just over $30 000 (Can), of which just over $19 000 is disposable.

Nova Scotia GDP is presently approximately $29 billion (Can) annually.

I can't find figures for Prince Edward Island or Newfoundland, and I'm not particularly inclined to look. Just trust me when I say that .pe.ca and .nl.ca are the two poorest Atlantic Canadian provinces. Also, note that Canada's GDP per capita at PPP was, according to the CIA World Factbook, $US 31,500 in 2004. And yes, I know that the figures given at Wikipedia for GDP per capita of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick aren't strictly comparable, but they're in the ballpark.

Why, I wonder, is Atlantic Canada's economy comparable, in the relatively crude terms of PPP-adjusted GDP per capita, to those of independent states which have gone through long periods of hot and cold war, or communism, or colonialism, or all of the above? Why is Atlantic Canada so singularly less creative than any of the countries listed above?

What the hell has happened to us?
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