January 24th, 2006

[BRIEF NOTE] Prince Edward Island Fundamental Human Rights Party

The recent election has reminded me of the Prince Edward Island Fundamental Human Rights Party, a brief blip founded by frequent protester Blair Ross and independent social activist Deborah Kelly Hawkes. I remember Ross' protest in front of the provincial legislature, camped out by the war cenotaph for two months in protest of the worker's compensation board. Popular sympathy began to fade as he and Hawkes acted up, for instance shouting out slogans in November 2002 during the Remembrance Day Parade and harassing pedestrians--like myself--who didn't respond to his calls. He was soon arrested and thrown of this land. In response, he and his ally Hawkes set up their political party, now defunct. The official party website says little about their policies and more about their respective legal troubles, but the Party did want to replace the correctional system with "Healing Centres," places where exploitative and corrupt people--like the Island's political, media, and economic leadership, say, and non-Islanders generally--could be sent to be rehabilitated.

Ah, zany fourth-party politics of personality on PEI. I miss you, sort of.

[C22] The South American War

This conflict, pitting Brazil not only against the rest of the South American continent but a long and growing list of world powers including the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Korea, Russia, and eventually the United States has ended (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). As expected, Brazil lost badly, with a full-fledged regime change, certain distant colonies declaring their independence, and Brazil's bad sterilization techniques for its hovercraft have spread the Bolivian Yellow Fever illness throughout Amazonia at a cost of hundreds of thousands of Brazilian civilian dead. Oh, and it no longer has much of a military left.

[BRIEF NOTE] The Election, the Morning After

I'd like to point to piratehead's notes here, james_nicoll's analysis there, zibblsnrt's over here. rdi is quite right to observe that the biggest risk in a Consevrative minority government is that it might be normalized and then elected to a majority, whether or not it becomes an equivalent of the relatively centrist and now defunct Progressive Conservative Party.
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