January 9th, 2010

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[FORUM] What's your vice?

I surprised, even alarmed some people on Facebook this past week with my status updates. Yes, using the coffee maker that Jerry gave me for Christmas to make and drink seven cups of coffee on Sunday was excessive, and yes, several of my status updates subsequent to the first reported on coffee drinking, but what's wrong with that? Ever since my thrid day of university, I've always drunk large, perhaps overlarge, amounts of coffee. Two Starbucks ventis in the space of an hour and a half? That's normal, if perhaps a bit expensive. (McDonald's coffee is much cheaper, ~$1.50 for a large, but don't tell anyone I've gone there to save money.)

Drinking large amounts of coffee is just my thing, my own particular vice; the coffee maker just lets me do it at home and hide the costs.

And you? What's your favourite, if perhaps not quite helpful, habit?