January 23rd, 2010

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[FORUM] What technologies do you think will help save our civilization from a changing environment?

In my post yesterday, I wrote briefly about Stephen's argument that technology is the only thing capable of saving humanity without some horrific Pol Pot-style regression to preindustrial pastoralism. Carbon sequestration--taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and putting it somewhere secure, perhaps the spaces evacuated by the fossil fuels tha produced the carbon dixoide in the first place--is going to be a key technology. I've heard of and can imagine others, like fleets of solar sails orbiting between the Earth and the Sun that would counteract the warming effects of increased carbon dioxide by deflecting just enough light from the Sun, or plants genetically engineered to fix larger-than-normal amount of carbon dioxide into ecologies worldwide.

What technologies do you think will help save human civilization from ecological catastrophe?