February 15th, 2010

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[FORUM] What are some unusual holidays in your part of the world?

I've taken the day off blogging today because, here in Ontario, today is Family Day, only the second third (thanks Amanda) in the province's history.

An annual holiday held on the third Monday of February, Family Day is an entirely secular holiday that Ontarians share with their counterparts in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Prince Edward Island. It is not, perhaps confusingly, a federal holiday, since many parts of the country are going without. The Albertans can be thanked for starting off this new tradition back in 1990, and I do thank them, but while I'm quite glad to take advantage of this holiday it just lacks any sort of resonance with me. Where did it come from? What are its traditions? Does anyone get excited about it? For me, Family Day stood out this year since it coincides with Valentine's Day yesterday on Sunday the 14th and so happily makes for a happy long weekend, but last year's Family Day befuddled me.

Out of curiosity, are there any holidays, whether recently established or simply obscure, which stand out for you as "nice, but why, again"?