March 17th, 2010

[FORUM] What ethnicities, old or new, do you identify with?

Over on Facebook, I made my reasoning clear on why I wasn't partying for St. Patrick's Day: Randy McDonald is not going to dress up all in green, in leggings and T-shirt and foam shamrock attached to a foam circlet and three-leafed clovers painted on his pale cheeks, and not only because he doesn't know what blood quanta it would take for him to identify as meaningfully [Irish], especially since he lacks any Irish identity altogether." It's true. (Plus, I'd pre-existing plans: way to go, lemurbouy!) Even though I know that a plurality if not a majority of my ancestors spoke one kind of Gaelic or another, I'm not aware of having acquired any notably Irish patterns, whether from my family or from my surroundings on Prince Edward Island.

My identity as a Prince Edward Island is my main "ethnic" identity, actually, whether externally imposed or willingly embraced. The Island has certain stereotypes, and I do relate to these stereotypes in one way or another, usually humourously. It's a shtick that works.

And you? What ethnic identities, relatively established or fairly new, do you identify with? Do you identify with it at all?