April 17th, 2010

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[FORUM] What do you think that your tastes in art say about you?

By now, you've probably gotten a fairly good idea about the sorts of art that I prefer, both things that I generate (writing and photography) and things like I like (physical arts and movies and literature). I like things to be orderly, well-structured, coherent; I like things that illustrate issues superbly, preferably without too much of the sort of passion that could disturb these illustrations. Spontaneity? I've gotten better at enjoying it, and even at initiating it, but things that are too spontaneous aren't things I prefer.

But. When it comes to photography, my favourite photographers are not ones who--like me--take fairly static photos of their environments, with interesting angles and perspectives and colours. My favourite photographers are the ones whose works are filled with barely sublimated passion and energy, photos filled with energy and drive and even a bit of danger. What sorts of images and which photographers? Take, say, Helmut Newton and his "Sie Kommen (Naked and Dressed)."

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Do my photographic preferences suggest that I'm sublimating something? "Perhaps" is all that I can say now.

And you? What do your preferences in art say about you? Does it say things you've not quite acknowledged to yourself?