April 24th, 2010

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[FORUM] Do you think futurologists tend towards the crazy?

Over at Twitter, Globe and Mail journalist Doug Saunders retweeted one Trevor Cunning's tweet: "Why do so many futurists turn out to be crazy-ass right-wing Ayn Rand types?"

This lends itself to two questions of note.

1. Very importantly, is it at all true?

2. If this is at all true, why is it true?

If it is true--and I think that if it is true at all, the futurologists responsible come from all sorts of extremes, left and right and centre and up and down and so on into the ninth dimension--I suspect it's because futurologists want their futures to confrirm their present biases. Will the world recognize the need for the sovereign individual? Will the Earth have melted? Will religion have taken over (or died away)? For a lot of futurologists, these questions may not be subjects to be honestly debated so much as rhetorical questions needing confirmation.

What say you about the whole matter?