May 24th, 2010

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[FORUM] Were you a fan of Lost? Why, or why not?

When last I checked Wikipedia was still using the present-tense "is" in describing Lost as an "American life-action television series," but the series has ended and its fans are left to cope with its absence. I've never watched the series, but I know it's a powerful one--some of my friends who became disenchanted with the complex storylines said that they'd still watch the show, that they put too much of an emotional effort into the show before it lost them to not learn the ending.

I never watched the show. The proximate reason for this was that I didn't have a television at the time, but the real reason was that I'd fallen out of the habit of watching television since I'd moved from Prince Edward Island and didn't rate cable as any kind of priority. Yes, later I got into the habit of group viewings but it took me time. In the meantime, I'd heard from others that the mythology had become complex in such a short period of time, so complex, I'd judged, that it would be too time-consuming to catch up. And so I didn't.

Others, obviously, didn't follow my particular path. What made you become a fan of the show? What kept you away? Are there other shows that have the same effect for you, or are there none?