September 26th, 2010


[PHOTO] Snail's progress

I happened upon this snail while I was rushing to make an appointment one early morning. I considered helping it reach the flower bed vegetation, but decided against it since it certainly was meeting its objective. For comparison, the McDonald's coffee cup next to the snail in the first picture is an extra-large.




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[FORUM] What are you doing today?

Sunday's a worldwide day of rest, with some exceptions. I'm taking things fairly easy, I suppose, tidying up and doing errands and playing with Shakespeare. One thing that stood out from this quiet domesticity was my visit with gmul295 to the Canadian Air and Space Museum up in northern Toronto near Downsview. I saw a scale model of the Avro Arrow, an actual Lancaster bomber, learned that the first Canadian to fly actually did so from New York State, mourned patriotically the perfidiousness of the Yanks and Brits that doomed Avro's military and pessenger jet projects, and discovered that the gift shop had a lot of pro-spaceflight books. After that, we fed squirrels in the Allan Gardens downtown.

What have you done today? Gory details, please.