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November 2010 - rfmcdpei
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by rfmcdpei:

08:48 am: [LINK] "Republican victory a prelude to failure" - 24 comments
06:07 pm: [BLOG-LIKE POSTING] On the foolishness of Japan's claim to the Kuril Islands
07:40 pm: [BLOG-LIKE POSTING] On why Toronto needs Godwin's law, and less contempt for the internal suburbs - 5 comments
10:48 pm: [LINK] "Rethymno and the complicated history of Crete"
11:59 pm: [DM] "On the problems of China's census"

07:46 am: [BLOG] Some Tuesday links - 1 comment
10:51 am: [BLOG-LIKE POSTING] On recognition of anti-queer bullying, and how religious bigots are cannibals - 4 comments
07:07 pm: [URBAN NOTE] Why one Torontonian voted for Ford, and its import - 5 comments
09:32 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] Towards the European Armed Forces? - 4 comments
11:03 pm: [H&F] "White poppy, white feather" - 2 comments

08:37 am: [PHOTO] Smashed pay phone booth - 4 comments
10:14 am: [BLOG-LIKE POSTING] On Vesta: whether asteroid or dwarf planet, certainly interesting
11:51 am: [BLOG-LIKE POSTING] On jaw-dropping, unremarkable, small-town Canadian racism - 24 comments
03:00 pm: [BLOG-LIKE POSTING] On Australia and Canada and borders and the threats they hold back
08:40 pm: [LINK] "To Brand T.O."
10:05 pm: [BLOG-LIKE POSTING] Form, function, books, Amazon - 7 comments

09:28 am: [PHOTO] Carapace
07:12 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] Followup on Campbellford - 2 comments
08:48 pm: [MUSIC] Rough Trade, "High School Confidential" and "Crimes of Passion" - 4 comments

05:11 am: [PHOTO] Condo rising
09:43 am: [LINK] "Phosphate: Morocco's White Gold" - 1 comment
02:15 pm: [LINK] "The lightness of history in the Caucasus"
05:03 pm: [LINK] "Yemen's ‘youth bulge’, unemployment: explosive mix"
09:58 pm: [REVIEW] Dan Gardner, Future Babble - 5 comments
11:05 pm: [H&F] "On the best futurologists' limits"
11:59 pm: [DM] "On projections and predictions and their flaws"

04:07 pm: [PHOTO] Water at night
07:12 pm: [FORUM] What minor innovations would you like to come in the future? - 5 comments

03:43 pm: [PHOTO] Down the aisle
06:13 pm: [H&F] "Baseball and History and Futility"
11:59 pm: [FORUM] Do you think that the world is heading towards a single community of shared empathy? - 8 comments

01:46 am: [OBSCURA] "Alternative Energy Revolution" - 4 comments
04:09 pm: [LINK] "Social Networks and global empathy" - 5 comments
06:08 pm: [PHOTO] On digital versus film - 6 comments
08:06 pm: [LINK] "Northern Territories dispute highlights flawed diplomacy"

07:49 am: [PHOTO] Here I am - 7 comments
10:59 am: [BLOG] Some Tuesday links - 1 comment
12:02 pm: [LINK] "Lively/Lived Space: Salzburg and L’vivly Space"
05:41 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] On recognizing Indonesia's rise
08:13 pm: [BLOG-LIKE POSTING] On the rhizomic nature of social networking - 3 comments
09:55 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] On the food (and other) totalitarianism of post-war Sri Lanka - 7 comments
11:59 pm: [VLOG] "Dating Advice For The Newly Out" - 1 comment

05:17 am: [PHOTO] Cobblestones and rail lines
06:58 am: [BLOG] Some Wednesday links - 5 comments
08:41 am: [LINK] Two interesting, and entirely unrelated (I'm sure), news items about our Milky Way Galaxy
10:42 am: [LINK] "Dissecting global civil society: values, actors, organisational forms" - 1 comment
02:01 pm: [LINK] "Dolphins form sophisticated alliances to win battles and protect their young" - 1 comment
04:21 pm: [LINK] "Google v. Blekko v. The Librarian. (The librarian wins.)"
08:08 pm: [LINK] "North America’s most northerly mosque officially opens in the Arctic" - 4 comments

08:33 am: [PHOTO] Maple Leaf, Allan Gardens in October
10:12 am: [URBAN NOTE] Patrick Cain's map of Toronto's Second World War dead, by address
01:34 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] On Remembrance Day's drift - 7 comments
04:53 pm: [H&F] "Armistice Day and a Strasbourg Monument"
08:38 pm: [LINK] "How Canada became an open data and data journalism powerhouse" - 2 comments
08:48 pm: [H&F] "Kaarlo Kurko and the Miracle of the Vistula"
10:17 pm: [LINK] "A glimpse of the future of Remembrance Day in Toronto"

12:05 am: [DM] "War and demography" - 1 comment

02:50 pm: [H&F] "Kaarlo Kurko; the journey to the Polish battlefields, 1919"
07:52 pm: [FORUM] Why did you join the military? - 5 comments

01:17 pm: [PHOTO] Don Valley Parkway Mystery - 1 comment
09:22 pm: [FORUM] What has surprised you about your physical community?

08:58 am: [OBSCURA] Daniel Gueorguiev, "Stranger In The Fog [Explored]"
01:17 pm: [BLOG] Some Monday links - 5 comments
04:05 pm: [DM] "On the poor sense of blaming the young for below-replacement fertility" - 9 comments
07:05 pm: [LINK] "Does easy access to Starbucks latte really make you vote Liberal?" - 1 comment
10:36 pm: [BLOG-LIKE POSTING] On how loving cities means you like city-dwellers - 9 comments
11:08 pm: [H&F] "Baseball and History: Narratives, Part One"

06:20 am: [PHOTO] Allan Gardens after the wind
07:39 am: [LINK] "Clues Suggest Stuxnet Virus Was Built for Subtle Nuclear Sabotage" - 1 comment
10:56 am: [LINK] "Save space for the pirates" - 1 comment
11:56 am: [H&F] "Some notes on information storage (1)" - 3 comments
01:30 pm: [H&F] "Plagiarism, Entitled Students, and Shooting the Messenger" - 1 comment
06:44 pm: [LINK] Two queer statistics
11:59 pm: [LINK] Two hockey links from the two solitudes - 1 comment

07:36 am: [OBSCURA] "Cthulhu Mythos, As Imagined By Kids"
09:23 am: [BRIEF NOTE] Portugal between Eurozone and Lusosphere? - 10 comments
10:48 am: [LINK] "Provinces forging relations with China out of the spotlight"
01:51 pm: [LINK] Two links on Indonesia as a BRIC
06:38 pm: [H&F] "Kaarlo Kurko and ataman Bulak's soldiers" - 1 comment
08:01 pm: [ISL] "The Disablement of the Netherlands Antilles: Does anything really change?"

02:30 am: [PHOTO] Allan Gardens Conservatory, from the east - 1 comment
08:41 am: [META] Blogroll Expansion
09:58 am: [LINK] "Who's afraid of free WiFi?" - 10 comments
12:29 pm: [LINK] "Historic hydro pact signed between N.L., N.S."
01:08 pm: [LINK] Two Japan links - 1 comment
02:27 pm: [LINK] "Dog bites man, East Timor lends money to Portugal" - 8 comments
03:01 pm: [PHOTO] Me, 2003/2004 - 2 comments
05:33 pm: [DM] "The Spiegel on East German workforce shortages" and "On the difficulties of emigration in Sene

12:00 am: [H&F] "Libraries, prosthetic memories"
08:28 am: [PHOTO] "23530008" - 1 comment
09:55 am: [BLOG] Some Friday links - 1 comment
12:28 pm: [CAT] "Russia hopes plan to save endangered tigers worth more than the sum of their parts"
04:12 pm: [LINK] "On the down escalator" - 1 comment
07:03 pm: [LINK] "The BRIC Debate: Drop Russia, Add Indonesia?"
08:58 pm: [BLOG-LIKE POSTING] On the possible origin of First Nations genes in the Icelandic gene pool - 5 comments
10:54 pm: [DM] "On Guernsey's population control"
11:59 pm: [H&F] "Some notes on information storage (3): Emotional incentives"

08:53 am: [OBSCURA] Computing in Narnia
09:03 am: [PHOTO] Allan Gardens, from the south
03:11 pm: [PHOTO] The barn - 1 comment
08:30 pm: [FORUM] What ruins do you like? - 6 comments

10:29 am: [PHOTO] Toys of a lost future - 5 comments
05:59 pm: [BLOG-LIKE POSTING] On the existential risks of first-generation transhumanism - 9 comments
08:50 pm: [FORUM] What unexpected technologies (and technological drawbacks) do you expect from the future? - 2 comments
11:15 pm: [CAT] Happy second adoption-anniversary, Shakespeare!

07:13 am: [BLOG] Some Monday links
08:51 am: [CAT] On Hexbugs - 2 comments
11:45 am: [LINK] "The tactile magic of the newspaper" - 2 comments
03:14 pm: [H&F] "Kaarlo Kurko; war, inhumanity and humanity"
05:44 pm: [LINK] "Baseball and History: Narratives, Part Two"
08:07 pm: [LINK] "Life Found in the Deepest, Unexplored Layer of the Earth’s Crust"
09:15 pm: [LINK] "Who killed Lebanon's Rafik Hariri?" - 3 comments

06:21 am: [PHOTO] Crystal Blu on Bloor, nearly done
07:50 am: [LINK] “Happy birthday: Windows is 25” - 3 comments
10:58 am: [LINK] “North Korean Attack: How Will China React?”
11:51 am: [LINK] “Meeting Aims to Turn Tiger Fascination Into Conservation”
04:45 pm: [LINK] "For Some TTC Riders, A Dufferin Slog" - 1 comment
08:06 pm: [LINK] Two links on now-contemporary historical computers - 1 comment
09:54 pm: [REVIEW] Robert L. Forward, Rocheworld - 2 comments
10:52 pm: [LINK] "Conscription in Germany to End Next Summer" - 2 comments

06:37 am: [PHOTO] Yonge and Gloucester Squirrel
10:30 am: [BLOG] Some Wednesday links
11:56 am: [LINK] "Artificial Rivers"
09:40 pm: [LINK] "Note to Canadian authors: Stop tweeting, start writing!" - 2 comments

07:55 am: [PHOTO] Allan Gardens Squirrels - 1 comment
09:32 am: [DM] "Five demography links" and "A coda for Statistics Canada" - 1 comment
01:20 pm: [LINK] "Natural Boundary / Political Boundary" - 1 comment
03:10 pm: [MUSIC] Radiohead, "Just" - 3 comments
05:56 pm: [REVIEW] The Dark Knight - 3 comments
07:44 pm: [LINK] "Analysing data is the future for journalists, says Tim Berners-Lee" - 4 comments
11:14 pm: [H&F] "On how we are coming to accept that we are alone"

08:03 am: [PHOTO] Gloomy Toronto skyline
10:45 am: [BLOG] Some Friday links - 3 comments
12:00 pm: [LINK] Two links on the ethics of photographing sex workers - 4 comments
08:03 pm: [REVIEW] Greg Bear, Eon - 2 comments
09:26 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] On global warming and the future of indigenous peoples
10:45 pm: [H&F] "If you suffer, the golden age will come" - 2 comments
11:55 pm: [DM] "On the inevitable dominance of Seoul in South Korea"

03:55 pm: [H&F] "If you suffer, the golden age will come" - 2 comments
07:42 pm: [PHOTO] Ruhr Express - 2 comments
11:59 pm: [FORUM] War: what next? - 15 comments

11:24 am: [PHOTO] Elgin and Winter Garden, Nuit Blanche 2010
09:25 pm: [FORUM] What size community do you prefer: small, or large? - 5 comments

08:32 am: [PHOTO] Standing out in a crowd
09:32 am: [BLOG] Some Monday links - 1 comment
07:06 pm: [DM] "'Pure' north, 'impure' south: Cause for conflict in Korea? - 3 comments
11:35 pm: [H&F] The final bit of Kaarlo Kurko's experiences, and, more on baseball and history

07:47 am: [PHOTO] Tree, illuminated - 1 comment
10:58 am: [LINK] "Targeting the Public" - 2 comments
11:58 am: [BLOG-LIKE POSTING] Is there a ninth planet? - 2 comments
04:55 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] On the new UPEI president and a new pattern of globalization on PEI - 1 comment
08:02 pm: [LINK] "Expansion of Bike Lanes in City Brings Backlash" - 2 comments
09:31 pm: [LINK] "Race, roads, or regulation? Canadian and American cities" - 6 comments
10:48 pm: [LINK] "New Planet System May Be Most Populated Yet Found" - 3 comments
11:59 pm: [LINK] "2010 Isn't What Many Futurists Of The Past Imagined"