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March 2012 - rfmcdpei
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by rfmcdpei:

12:58 pm: [PHOTO] Warehouse window - 3 comments
11:18 pm: [BLOG] Some Thursday links
11:38 pm: [DM] "Some more population-related links"

04:34 am: [PHOTO] Joe's Convenience, 1051 Ossington Avenue, August 2011
10:13 am: [ISL] “Complex effort to rid San Nicolas Island of cats declared a success” - 2 comments
12:38 pm: [CAT] "Japan's cat cafes hit with new curfew"
04:49 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] On the possible adoption of the Canadian dollar by Iceland - 2 comments
04:56 pm: [LINK] "Estonia's Seto minority strive to protect traditions"
08:21 pm: [CAT] "How Tortoiseshell Cats Show the Limits of Cloning"
08:24 pm: [LINK] "Europa’s Acidic Oceans May Prohibit Life"
08:31 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Getting Upfront with Empty Storefronts in Little India" - 2 comments

07:33 pm: [PHOTO] Pearson at Night - 1 comment

01:30 am: [PHOTO] Under construction
11:59 am: [LINK] "The market and conservatism in the land of superheros"
03:53 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "The Profits of Privatization"
04:00 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Make the TTC councillor-free: Rob Ford" - 1 comment
11:16 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Stintz to chair new 11-member TTC board"
11:36 pm: [CAT] "Toronto's first cat" - 1 comment
11:55 pm: [LINK] "Tories demand Liberals release call records – but refuse to follow suit"

11:57 am: [PHOTO] On the fence with the national game
04:24 pm: [LINK] "Tool-use in the brown bear (Ursus arctos)" - 2 comments
04:31 pm: [LINK] "Andrew Westoll's chimps saga takes the Taylor Prize"
04:40 pm: [LINK] "Genetic diversity among chimpanzees reveals just how closely related humans really are"
07:06 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Hudak wants to order Toronto to build subways, not streetcars" - 2 comments
09:07 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "City Council is Supreme" - 3 comments
10:35 pm: [LINK] "Alien Species Invading Antarctica via Tourists, Scientists"
11:59 pm: [LINK] "Robotic Networks Among the Stars"

11:47 am: [PHOTO] "The smiling squid"
04:06 pm: [BLOG] Some Wednesday links
06:54 pm: [LINK] "Mrs Beeton, the Voltaire of caffeine" - 1 comment
07:54 pm: [LINK] "‘Oh, London, You Drama Queen’"
07:55 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "On upper population limits in Manhattan" - 2 comments

01:00 pm: [PHOTO] "A simple backyard in the Annex"
03:46 pm: [LINK] Two links about the unfolding of the Greece debt crisis
10:58 pm: [LINK] "More voters-list issues found in Toronto riding" - 2 comments
11:29 pm: [LINK] "Kepler Statistical Analysis Suggests Earthlike Planets Extremely Rare" - 1 comment
11:59 pm: [MUSIC] David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj, "Turn Me On" - 1 comment

10:20 am: [PHOTO] "Street crossing at evening" - 1 comment
02:48 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] On the Onion's article about bullied gay teenagers at school as satire - 2 comments
05:31 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] On the legal mechanics of granting smart animals personhood - 1 comment
10:35 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] On what could have been Arthur C. Clarke's fourth law

07:18 pm: [PHOTO] Flowers in the night

04:45 am: [PHOTO] "Maple tree, looking up"

11:30 am: [PHOTO] "Dandelions through the fence, Fiesta Farms"
03:56 pm: [URBAN NOTE] Might Rob Ford be forced out of the office of mayor of Toronto? - 1 comment
04:02 pm: [LINK] "'Pierre Poutine' will admit robocall role, sources say"
08:59 pm: [URBAN NOTE] On why a judicial firing of Rob Ford would be bad - 3 comments

12:24 am: [PHOTO] Bixi Station, Yonge and Dundonald - 1 comment
10:03 am: [URBAN NOTE] On city councillors who'd beat up bike couriers - 1 comment

01:33 am: [PHOTO] Annex shed - 3 comments
11:23 am: [BLOG] Some Wednesday links
02:35 pm: [CAT] "My Cat Says Hello"
02:40 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Ernest Hemingway in Toronto" - 1 comment
02:46 pm: [ISL] "Another postcard from the edge: life on the Kuril Islands"
07:22 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] Is the Conservative Party using robocalling to destroy the Liberals? - 2 comments
08:04 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] On possible organized electoral fraud among Tamil Canadians in Scarborough - 3 comments

12:53 am: [PHOTO] No entry here
11:59 pm: [MUSIC] Scissor Sisters vs Krystal Pepsy, "Shady Love"

02:58 am: [PHOTO] "The Alliums of Toronto"
12:24 pm: [LINK] "Misleading robocalls went to voters ID'd as non-Tories"
12:31 pm: [LINK] "Thomas Mulcair would bring Harper’s dream of Liberals’ demise closer to reality" - 2 comments
03:54 pm: [URBAN NOTE] On expert panels and Sheppard light rail
10:01 pm: [LINK] "Afghanistan fears becoming `orphan' as international forces withdraw" - 3 comments
10:04 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] On Kony 2012 and American Christian fundamentalists gone transnational

12:41 am: [PHOTO] "Looking east"
04:15 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] On photography and apps and the photographic commons - 13 comments

12:29 pm: [PHOTO] "One day you see a strange little girl look at you"
03:00 pm: [URBAN NOTE] The Toronto Public library, on strike - 2 comments
11:02 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "NDP wins in Jack Layton's former riding"
11:21 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "A World-Class Misfortune" - 2 comments
11:22 pm: [CAT] "Rare Bengal Tiger Mom and Cubs Caught in Camera-Trap Photos" - 2 comments
11:41 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Mundane knowledge: Toronto street people" - 3 comments

10:01 am: [PHOTO] Warehouse parking lot in shade - 1 comment
01:45 pm: [BLOG] Some Tuesday links
08:08 pm: [LINK] “Quebec francophones rediscover their Irish roots”
08:16 pm: [LINK] “Chinese discover backdoor into Canada — through Quebec”
11:02 pm: [LINK] "Batman, Broken Windows, and the Uncanny Valley" - 11 comments

10:54 am: [PHOTO] Open window
01:20 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] "This is how the 41st general election should’ve turned out" - 2 comments
04:21 pm: [URBAN NOTE] On Toronto's early spring being more like early summer - 3 comments
04:38 pm: [URBAN NOTE] Two Toronto Star articles about mass transit options
09:25 pm: [LINK] "Chinese Coup Rumors Run Wild Online, Then Disappear" - 2 comments
09:56 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] Is China about to democratize? - 1 comment
10:54 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] On the latest breakthrough in neutrino communication systems - 1 comment

12:22 am: [PHOTO] Looking west, above Bloor and Sherbourne

01:18 pm: [PHOTO] Graffiti, Casa do Alentejo, 1130 Dupont Street
09:51 pm: [URBAN NOTE] Four Toronto blogs on light rail's victory
10:17 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Ford Doesn't Scale"
10:48 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Talks with CUPE, Toronto's largest union, go down to the wire"
11:02 pm: [ISL] "The settlement of Madagascar: Thirty lost souls" - 1 comment
11:31 pm: [LINK] Frank Jacobs at Borderlines: The Guyanas and Sealand

12:00 am: [URBAN NOTE] "The Mismatch Between Population and Mass Transit In the San Francisco Bay Area" - 18 comments
12:25 pm: [PHOTO] Church of the Redeemer Wedding
09:58 pm: [FORUM] What laws symbolizing inequality have you encountered in your lives? - 1 comment

10:06 pm: [PHOTO] Waiting at 1
11:59 pm: [FORUM] What are your plans for tomorrow? - 1 comment

08:14 am: [PHOTO] Church Flowers
10:01 am: [BLOG] Some Monday links - 2 comments
11:58 am: [URBAN NOTE] "Party politics at city hall?" - 6 comments
12:03 pm: [LINK] "NDP sheds ‘comfy sweaters’ for battle gear" - 5 comments
12:08 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "The wheels come off Toronto’s experiment in Tea Party politics"
03:15 pm: [LINK] "Ontario Appeal Court strikes down ban on brothels"
03:24 pm: [LINK] "Reproductive Rights and the Long Hand of Slave Breeding"
07:11 pm: [LINK] "A Boy to Be Sacrificed" - 1 comment
11:54 pm: [DM] What effect would near-term democratization in China have on Chinese demographics?

10:12 am: [PHOTO] Street construction, Dupont and Dovercourt
01:14 pm: [CAT] "Paper Industry Decimating Indonesia's Tigers" - 2 comments
04:13 pm: [CAT] Did Vladimir Putin kill a Siberian tiger to look good? - 2 comments
11:00 pm: [LINK] "Birds of a feather talk together"
11:27 pm: [LINK] "Will we ever… talk to dolphins?" - 1 comment

01:19 am: [PHOTO] TD Canada Trust, Bloor and Runnymede
10:24 am: [LINK] "Billions of Habitable Worlds Likely in the Milky Way"
05:29 pm: [LINK] "Giant asteroid Vesta 'resembles planet'"
09:43 pm: [LINK] "Slow Swimming Shapes Unique Dolphin Society" - 1 comment

01:20 am: [PHOTO] Crane at Dufferin station entrance, December 2011

10:09 am: [PHOTO] Fragile
12:30 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] On robocalling having hit 200 Canadian federal electoral ridings - 1 comment
12:34 pm: [LINK] "Alleged Canadian spy leak may have caused major breach of U.S. info: report"
02:51 pm: [URBAN NOTE] On Mayor Rob Ford's latest (abortive) conflict of interest - 1 comment
02:57 pm: [LINK] "Jane Jacobs & the Republican Radicals"
03:03 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Prehistoric Toronto: Glacial Lake Iroquois"
06:02 pm: [LINK] "Is Brazil big enough for Facebook and Orkut?" - 1 comment

01:56 am: [BLOG-LIKE POSTING] On unrecognized epidemics of sexual abuse of the gender non-conforming - 4 comments
03:49 pm: [PHOTO] Three Toronto photos
10:58 pm: [CAT] Five Shakespeare pics - 6 comments
11:59 pm: [FORUM] How concerned are you with the local weather? - 4 comments