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January 2013 - rfmcdpei
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by rfmcdpei:

07:55 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Casa Loma could be our house"
07:56 pm: [CAT] "The Little Match Girl" - 1 comment
07:56 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Looking Back: Toronto By Night II" - 1 comment
07:57 pm: [PHOTO] "A Flickr of life" - 1 comment
09:58 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] On Greece and East Germany and the Eurozone - 3 comments
11:57 pm: [DM] "What blogs like Demography Matters do you follow?"

08:51 am: [PHOTO] Mona Lisa as a Cat, Cubeworks Studio, Distillery District
08:56 am: [PHOTO] Mona Lisa as a Cat, Cubeworks Studio, Distillery District
11:23 am: [LINK] "Laurel Broten to impose contracts on Ontario public school teachers" - 1 comment
02:52 pm: [LINK] "The Gay Teen-Boy Romance Comic Beloved by Women in Japan" - 1 comment
02:57 pm: [LINK] "Taiwan moves on gay marriage"
03:04 pm: [LINK] "North Korea a culture of warriors"
11:00 pm: [LINK] "How Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Helped to Invent Everything You Love" - 5 comments

07:36 am: [PHOTO] Tree at evening - 1 comment
10:59 am: [CAT] "Can Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium become Britain's first cat café?"
01:47 pm: [LINK] Two links on the abundance of planets in our galaxy
04:35 pm: [LINK] "Bolivia Takes the Leap into the Big Pond of Mercosur"
09:10 pm: [LINK] "Canadian-born politician is first member of the French National Assembly"
09:36 pm: [LINK] "Build Your Own Poland"

08:29 pm: [PHOTO] Looking into the Dollarama, Bloor and Bathurst, June 2012 - 1 comment
11:43 pm: [REVIEW] John J. Lumpkin, Through Struggle, The Stars - 1 comment

01:33 pm: [PHOTO] Icons of Cube Works Studio, Distillery District, Toronto - 2 comments

08:48 am: [PHOTO] Late summer evening, lower Bathurst Street - 3 comments
10:00 am: [BLOG] Some Monday links
11:43 am: [LINK] The photogenic ruins of Villa Epecuen - 1 comment
03:11 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Rob Ford's lawyer fights 'draconian' removal order"
03:21 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Cycling Through the Seventies"
09:24 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] On the Kepler-32 planetary system - 2 comments
10:16 pm: [LINK] Two links on exoplanets and exomoons
11:59 pm: [DM] "On how non-traditional families and higher fertility in developed countries go together"

09:07 am: [PHOTO] Free Marc Emery
03:30 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] On the import, or lack thereof, of Azealia Banks' Twitter fight - 2 comments
10:53 pm: [LINK] On the exoplanets and debris belts of Vega and Fomalhaut
11:59 pm: [LINK] Two links from the Toronto Star on the future of the Liberal Party - 1 comment

03:12 am: [PHOTO] Vesta Lunch, June 2012 - 3 comments
12:20 pm: [BLOG] Some Wednesday links - 3 comments
03:48 pm: [LINK] The Fomalhaut system - 3 comments
09:08 pm: [REVIEW] William Barton and Michael Capobianco, Alpha Centauri - 3 comments
09:44 pm: [REVIEW] Michael McCollum, The Sails of Tau Ceti
11:02 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "The real Rob Ford"

06:12 am: [PHOTO] A Poser bunny on Spadina Avenue, May 2012

12:56 am: [PHOTO] Looking east on Gloucester Street, May 2012
01:22 pm: [BLOG] Some Friday links
03:43 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Toronto school board head resigns, plagiarism allegations grow"
03:48 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Glen Murray drops out of Ontario Liberal leadership race"

05:46 pm: [PHOTO] Toronto Christmas Market, Distillery District, December 2012 - 4 comments

11:44 am: [PHOTO] Looking south at Yonge and Bloor, May 2012
03:39 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Audit: Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti’s campaign overspent legal limit by 44%" - 2 comments
03:45 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Hamilton’s identity crisis"
10:46 pm: [LINK] "Ikea monkey: Sanctuary claims owners abused Darwin"
10:56 pm: [LINK] "Crows Really Are Mind-Readers"
11:20 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Why Brian Burke Was Good for the Toronto Maple Leafs"
11:39 pm: [LINK] The Kepler-47 Planetary System
11:59 pm: [DM] "More on France versus Germany"

08:44 am: [PHOTO] Church of the Holy Trinity, May 2012
12:06 pm: [BLOG] Some Tuesday links
03:25 pm: [LINK] "Deep Under Antarctica, Looking for Signs of Life"
03:32 pm: [LINK] "Russia facing no access to space for first time since Cold War" - 5 comments
07:04 pm: [URBAN NOTE] On academic sex parties in Toronto
07:09 pm: [LINK] "Message to Ottawa: Gay marriage is settled, right?" - 3 comments
07:37 pm: [LINK] "Archaeologists Find Clues to Viking Mystery" - 2 comments

09:16 am: [PHOTO] CN Tower, distorted - 9 comments
11:35 am: [LINK] "I Want Your Job: Vicki Essex, Romance Writer"
03:40 pm: [H&F] "Les Mis Review" - 1 comment
09:28 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "North of Toronto, a new downtown sprouts in suburban Vaughan" - 1 comment
10:34 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "So Far, So Good for Toronto’s Housing Market in 2013"
11:59 pm: [DM] "A few population-related news links"

09:42 am: [PHOTO] Looking across Fort York Boulevard
02:17 pm: [LINK] "Two Christmases in One Country"
02:23 pm: [LINK] "Lithuanian identity and the riddle of General Lucjan Želigowski"
04:44 pm: [LINK] "What Turned Jaron Lanier Against the Web?"
11:56 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Will the Leafs Still Feel the Love Post-Lockout?"

09:01 am: [PHOTO] CN Tower, May 2012 - 1 comment
01:08 pm: [BLOG] Some Friday links
03:29 pm: [LINK] "Chimps Might Have a Sense of Fair Play" - 1 comment
03:29 pm: [LINK] "Massacres Alter Social Structure of Africa’s Elephants"

05:22 pm: [PHOTO] Construction on Bathurst below King, May 2012 - 1 comment

12:00 am: [FORUM] What do you think of the case of Aaron Swartz? - 7 comments
08:17 am: [PHOTO] Looking east at downtown Toronto from Bathurst Street
11:50 am: [URBAN NOTE] On the resignation of Toronto budget chief Mike Del Grande
11:52 am: [URBAN NOTE] "Mayor Rob Ford says he knows what Toronto wants: a casino" - 4 comments
03:29 pm: [LINK] "Algerian PM describes how militants, including two Canadians, planned gas plant attack"
03:32 pm: [LINK] "Dissident soldiers storm government building in Eritrea in hasty power grab: reports" - 1 comment

09:09 am: [PHOTO] Looking west, Bathurst and Dundas, April 2012
12:50 pm: [PHOTO] Looking west, Bathurst and Dundas, April 2012
12:58 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Downtown Toronto condos: Signs of life"
03:02 pm: [LINK] "Tories accidentally sell the EU to Britain"
03:05 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Judge Punishes Man for Blocking Bike Lane Removal By Allowing Him to Volunteer" - 1 comment
07:52 pm: [LINK] "What’s Wrong With Happiness" - 3 comments
08:58 pm: [LINK] "The Swiss turn on the super-rich" - 1 comment
11:30 pm: [LINK] "Did an 8th century gamma ray burst irradiate the Earth?"
11:59 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "'We don't have gay flags on the street anymore'"

07:58 am: [PHOTO] Looking west over Fort York
11:49 am: [BLOG] Some Wednesday links
03:14 pm: [URBAN NOTE] On the belated arrival of winter in Ontario - 1 comment
03:24 pm: [LINK] "Canada seeks evidence on hostage-taker, summons Algeria envoy" - 1 comment
07:40 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] On the risks of British departure from the European Union - 3 comments
09:57 pm: [LINK] "Chinese mafia thrives in Europe"
10:25 pm: [CAT] "Could a Cat Ban in New Zealand Save Birds?" - 8 comments
11:59 pm: [LINK] "Russia plans to outlaw ‘homosexual propaganda’ nationwide" - 1 comment

08:57 am: [PHOTO] Condo site under construction, lower Bathurst Street, April 2012
11:29 am: [LINK] "The Uncanny Valley" - 1 comment
03:06 pm: [LINK] Andrew Coyne on Sun TV's requesting government aid
06:05 pm: [LINK] "China calls for talks after North Korean threat"
07:35 pm: [LINK] "NIH Told to Retire Most Research Chimps"
07:39 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Competition Seeks Ideas for Turning a Downtown Hydro Corridor Into an Urban Oasis"

08:53 am: [PHOTO] A cracked pillar at Union Station, May 2012
10:01 am: [URBAN NOTE] "Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti says he’s probing a city hall conspiracy" - 2 comments

06:56 pm: [PHOTO] Glassblowing at the Harbourfront Centre, May 2012

08:56 am: [PHOTO] Sir Isaac Brock Bridge, Bathurst Street, April 2012 (2)
11:31 am: [BLOG] Some Monday links - 1 comment
03:07 pm: [URBAN NOTE] On the unexpected survival of Rob Ford
03:16 pm: [BRIEF NOTE] On Kathleen Wynne, premier-designate of Ontario
10:47 pm: [LINK] "A third of Barnes & Noble stores may close in next decade, report says"

01:50 am: [PHOTO] Bathurst and Lake Shore, looking north (2)
12:41 pm: [LINK] "Trudeau knocks Mulcair for 50-plus-1 stance on separation" - 2 comments
03:18 pm: [LINK] "Separatist Quebec premier to meet with Scottish counterpart" - 1 comment
07:58 pm: [LINK] "First Evidence of Life in Antarctic Subglacial Lake"
08:29 pm: [URBAN NOTE] On the unlikeliness of a park at 11 Wellesley Street West
09:54 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "TTC by the kilometre? Distance-based fares could help pay for expanded transit" - 2 comments
11:10 pm: [URBAN NOTE] On the Silver Snail's Black Canary coffee shop
11:59 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "The Rob and Doug Ford Radio Recap: “Great Day For Democracy” Edition"

08:54 am: [PHOTO] Looking west at the Gardiner Expressway, May 2012
11:57 am: [BLOG] Some Wednesday links
03:23 pm: [LINK] "Prime Minister Mulcair and the Politics of Masculinity"
07:08 pm: [LINK] "RIM changes name to BlackBerry as BB10 launches" - 1 comment
07:21 pm: [NON BLOG] My new Huawei U6150
10:59 pm: [PHOTO] "The End of an Era: Steve McCurry and the Final Roll of Kodachrome Film"

09:09 am: [PHOTO] Looking at the Gardiner
09:11 am: [PHOTO] On the difficulty of being a photographer, a real photographer - 5 comments
03:09 pm: [LINK] "Monumental Mistakes"
03:16 pm: [LINK] "Why Are We the Last Apes Standing?" - 1 comment
09:29 pm: [LINK] "Biggest Thing in Universe Found—Defies Scientific Theory"
10:29 pm: [LINK] "It’s (Almost) Alive! Scientists Create a Near-Living Crystal"
11:57 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Toronto prime destination for undocumented workers, committee told"