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March 2017 - rfmcdpei
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by rfmcdpei:

09:26 am: [PHOTO] The Lipstick Forest, Claude Cormier
09:32 am: [PHOTO] Looking up at MaRS
12:49 pm: [BLOG] Some Wednesday links
01:06 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "TTC to replace 501 Queen streetcar with buses all summer" - 1 comment
01:08 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Scarborough subway will cost more but attract fewer people, reports find"
03:27 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Two sides in TTC union fight agree to mediation after Bob Kinnear tries to get rival s
03:32 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Suspect who shot TTC fare collector during robbery had held up station twice before"
03:35 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "So long, normal weather: Toronto just had the warmest February on record"
08:27 pm: [LINK] "Antarctica hits record high temperature at balmy 63.5°F"
08:45 pm: [LINK] "Climate-driven Arctic permafrost collapse causing dramatic change"

01:42 pm: [PHOTO] Pink holiday tree, Gare centrale, Montréal
01:44 pm: [PHOTO] Sunset, College at Augusta, Kensington Market
05:20 pm: [BLOG] Some Thursday links
05:34 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Now you can take the bus to the Shaw Festival"
05:37 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Mixed reviews for plan to replace Queen streetcars with buses"
08:32 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Koreatown unsure of what comes next after Mirvish Village"
08:36 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Metrolinx seeks another transit car maker for Toronto project"
08:38 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Sunrise Records to move into 70 closing HMV locations"
08:40 pm: [LINK] "How geologists found the world’s oldest fossils in Canada"
10:57 pm: [MUSIC] "Pop for Misfits": The New Yorker on Grimes
11:49 pm: [MUSIC] Grimes, "Kill V. Maim"

10:59 am: [PHOTO] Looking west, rue de la Gauchetière and Mansfield, Montréal
11:00 am: [PHOTO] Whitney Block, from the south
01:51 pm: [BLOG] Some Friday links
04:46 pm: [LINK] "'It's a big gamble': Record stores sound off on Sunrise's HMV takeover"
04:52 pm: [LINK] "Spotify Hits 50 Million Paid Subscribers, Lifting Music Industry"
04:54 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "High Park residents concerned about influx of high rises"
04:58 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Film, TV, digital productions contributed $2B to Toronto’s economy in 2016"
05:00 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "How to reclaim Toronto’s origins"

09:41 am: [CAT] Shakespeare, in the early morning
11:41 am: [BLOG] Some Saturday links
11:54 am: [URBAN NOTE] "This is what Mirvish Village will look like in 5 years"
11:56 am: [URBAN NOTE] "GTA home prices jump 27.7 per cent in a year"
11:58 am: [URBAN NOTE] "Condo dwellers fight the short-term rental boom in highrise neighbourhoods"
12:00 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "GO expansion could boost GTA property values"
12:03 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Spillover: when the city comes to the country": Marcus Gee on Shelburne

11:51 am: [PHOTO] The tracks of Bonaventure station, Montréal
12:16 pm: [PHOTO] Eight photos from a tour of Toronto's Ice Breakers (#toicebreakers)
02:36 pm: [BLOG] Some Sunday links
05:06 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "The lost streets of South Parkdale"
05:20 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "TTC confident that Bombardier can achieve its latest streetcar delivery schedule"
05:23 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Yorkville's old school malls are about to disappear"
05:25 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "Future Generations Will Foot the Bill for City Council’s Incompetence Today"
05:28 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "U of T assistant prof reviving Mohawk language"
07:36 pm: [LINK] "Get ready for a Canadian Arctic research boom"
07:38 pm: [LINK] "Skulls found in China were part modern human, part Neanderthal — and could be a new species"
07:40 pm: [ISL] "Graves hidden for decades could hold key to peace in Cyprus"
07:42 pm: [LINK] "Guyana’s New Oil Fields Both Blessing and Curse"
07:44 pm: [URBAN NOTE] "“I Knew I Was Not The Only Queer Muslim in the World”: Why I Call Toronto My Home"
11:37 pm: [FORUM] What do you think of Michael Hobbes' article "Together Alone"? - 1 comment

12:06 am: [OBSCURA] "The Story Behind That ‘Future That Liberals Want’ Photo"
11:26 am: [PHOTO] Tower in the night, north towards Davenport
11:38 am: [META] Some blogroll additions
11:45 am: [BLOG] Some Monday links

11:10 am: [PHOTO] Looking northwest, Church and Wellesley
11:17 am: [BLOG] Some Friday links
11:27 am: [URBAN NOTE] "Troubled Trump Tower in Toronto likely will go to owner of $301-million construction l - 1 comment