Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[FORUM] What minor innovations would you like to come in the future?

Coming across the fountain in today's [PHOTO] post with Andrew was doubly unexpected. I hadn't known that the fountain by the Goodenham did that at night. I also hadn't known that this sort of fountain was possible, that a fountain could be illuminated internally. Maybe the fountain is the one described by this patent, maybe not. This type of fountain was invented, it was deployed in that little park, and that night it (and the phototaking process) made me happy.

That's me. Are there any innovations you'd like to see in the future, near or far, minor things but things that you'd like to see? It can be a matter of aesthetics, it can be some sort of new social networking format, it can be a minor inconvenience removed.

Tags: forums, non blog, photos, social networking
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