Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

  • 80 Beats lets us know that research examining HIV-positive people able to resist progression to AIDS suggests that these people share a one of a specific cluster of mutations letting their immune system order infected cells to self-destruct.

  • BAGNewsNotes has photographs from an Atlanta-area church devoted to the prosperity gospel, using the rhetoric of warriors and wealth to attract people.

  • When did things go wrong with the Toronto neighbourhood--infamous neighbourhood--of Regent Park? The 1960s, a blogTO post suggests, after a good start.

  • The Global Sociology Blog reports on what may be a phenomenon of managers cheating their companies in order to give poor workers some outs.

  • At Halfway Down the Danube, Douglas Muir tells us that, as it turns out, Zambia was supposed to be a white settler colony on the mode of then Southern Rhodesia. It didn't work out, but partly because of the failure of this project Zambian whites are far more secure than Zimbabwean whites ever were.

  • The Invisible College's Lennart Breuker writes about how the Rwandan government is using that country's genocide to legally harass even people demonstrably opposed to the genocide.

  • Joe. My. God links to the public discussion in South Korea on allowing gays into that country's military.

  • Landscape and Urbanism lets us know about the complexity of the debates surrounding urban agriculture.

  • The Search's Douglas Todd writes about the mainstreaming of the Hindu festival of Diwali.

  • Spacing Toronto examines the history and present and future of Parkdale's Jameson Avenue.

  • Understanding Society's Daniel Little examines how plans for Shanghai's economic development allow for extremely high densities.

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