Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[OBSCURA] Daniel Gueorguiev, "Stranger In The Fog [Explored]"

Scanning the Flickr newsgroups to see others' pictures of Toronto's very unusual recurring fog, I came across this nighttime photo, and this story. Thanks to the author for letting me repost both here. There's something about the idea of dense fog as enabler of social connections that gets me.

Over the past two days, we had very thick fog here in Toronto, unlike anything I could remember (which could probably be due to the fact that I never paid attention to such things before, but that is another point). At around 6:30pm yesterday, I was faced with a decision. Stay home, plop onto the couch and spend the night watching whatever trash TV was on at the time. Or I could drive down to the lake, where I expected the fog to be thicker and try to capture some of the mystique and sometimes eeriness of this phenomenon. I think you know which choice I made. Thankfully, I was rewarded in several ways.

I was able to capture this shot, which I had envisioned in my head prior to getting there. I had been inspired by this, but wanted my own twist to it. I set up my tripod and waited. As if out of nowhere, he appeared. The fog concealed him until the last minute, but then he came into view. I managed to snap up a couple of shots and chose this one.

As he was passing me, he asked “How much for a picture?” I said “How much? It’s free.” He couldn’t believe me, but after a couple of confused exchanges on both our parts, he posed for me. As you can tell, the light wasn’t the greatest, but I managed to snap a few shots. You can see them in the comments. I asked what his email was so I could send him the photos, but he couldn’t remember. However, he mentioned that one of the guys he had met just a few minutes ago gave him a card. They had also taken his photo and he intended to contact them. I instructed him to just ask them about Daniel (unfortunately, it didn’t even occur to me to ask for his name) and that they would connect us. Which, of course is an excellent segue...

A few minutes prior to that, I was shooting at the Humber bridge. I noticed two figures moving at the other side and as I got closer, I realized they were photographers too. We spent a few minutes chatting and then we parted ways. You can check out their streams here and here. They are truly fantastic!

Finally, as I was heading back, I took a little break along the way and noticed another photographer approaching me. He turned out to be another Flicker-er: dirk*, who also has a fantastic stream. As I proceeded to tell him my Flickr name, he said he knew of me and that he works with one of my contacts: Book’em. You know there’s a cliché coming up, but you know what? It really is a small world.

So there’s the story of how I spent the latter part of my Friday. Doing what I enjoy, meeting friendly strangers and connecting with fellow photographers. It was quite the evening.

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