Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[BLOG] Some Monday links

  • At Acts of Minor Treason, Andrew Barton speculates that mass transit in the Vancouver suburb of Surrey may depend on the conversion of existing rail links.

  • BAGNewsNotes observes the friendly, almost seductive, style of photography used to show the new Republic majority speaker on the cover of Time, and wonders how much bias is evidence.

  • The underpass letting Toronto's Dufferin Street head directly under the rail track at Queen's Street, rather than jogging over, will be done in days.

  • Geocurrents suggests that the worldwide distribution of baseball-playing nations owes much more to cultural diffusion than a similar map of cricket worldwide (you can see the British Empire), with rugby excluding the non-settler colonies but including Argentina, france, and Italy.

  • Halfway Down the Danube's Douglas Muir remarks on the unexceptional unique characteristics of Zambian English and lets us know that 1960s Zambia wanted nuyclear weapons to deter South Africa.

  • Lawyers, Guns and Money points out that hyperterrorism worked in the 1980s without causing global human rights law to crash, why now?

  • Landscape and Urbanism exposes the story of how Taiwanese researchers have managed to produce bioluminescent trees via gold powder.

  • Not Rocket Science describes the mechanics of just how cats drink without lapping like dogs.

  • Rukavina lets us know that Prince Edward Island's schools are becoming increasingly multicultural. Good.

  • Understanding Society's Daniel Little wonders if one reason 19th century China didn't pick up on Western technology was because Chinese observers couldn't see the technology at work, literally couldn't draw it.

  • Window on Eurasia suggests that the Russian government is looking to associate itself with more mainstream political parties in the Baltic States, with Russian irredentism and Communism having lost traction.

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