Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[META] Blogroll Expansion

It's that time again!

  • Clifford, fellow graduate of the 2003-2004 Master's English class at Queen's University, blogs at Love and Fiction, where he promotes his fiction writing and does a non-trivial amount of essay-writing himself. This essay exploring the reasons why people devote large amounts of time to their chosen specialties (see Malcolm Gladwell's thesis of ten thousand hours needed to become truly skilled) is a case in point.

  • Australian Russell Darnley's blog, Maximos' Blog, is concerned with the natural and built environment of Australia. His poist showing a trip on Sydney's only tram line is fun.

  • Recommended to my by History and Futility co-blogger The Oberamtmann, the New APPS blog is a group blog concerned with art, history, and politics. This post analyzing race in the Netherlands' Christmas figure of Sinterklass is a case in point.</a>

  • Patrick Cain, once map blogger for the Toronto Star, has patrickcain.ca now. His maps--including this set showing where Toronto war casualties in certain battles died--are grand.

  • Finally, Tim Maly's Quiet Babylon examines the interactions between computer technology and human identity. This short fiction, examining an ordinary man's uneasy relation with a perhaps excessively technophile lover, is worth reading.

  • Go, read!
    Tags: australia, blogroll, blogs, borders, computers, environment, fiction, human beings, internet, maps, meta, netherlands, popular culture, racism, toronto, writing
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