Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[PHOTO] Me, 2003/2004

Recently, I picked up from Shopper's Drug Mart the photos developed from some ancient disposable cameras of mine, dating from 2004, even 2003 before I left. Would anything remain?

As it happened, yes. I've pictures from Charlottetown, from my August 2003 visit to Montréal, and from Kingston. I plan on sharing them as I identify these images.

For now, here's two vintage pictures of me from (I think) 2004, a Kingston Livejournalers' meetup. (mortonofski, can you confirm?) I'm pretty sure of the date because I bought the blue checked shirt in Kingston, part of my first effort to develop a personal fashion style.

Me, facing forward

Me, turning
Tags: kingston, non blog, photos
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