Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[DM] "The Spiegel on East German workforce shortages" and "On the difficulties of emigration in Sene

For a change, I've got two posts up at Demography Matters.

  • The first one notes briefly that, after twenty years of mass emigration, the former East Germany is starting to experience labour shortages. And with two decades of ultra-low birthrates, things won't be getting better.

  • The second one looks at the problems facing communiities dependent on emigration in Senegal, on one island where people are willing to take enormous risks to get to Spain, and in one mainland city where so many men have left for so long that some wives may as well be single mothers or widows.

  • Go, read.
    Tags: africa, central europe, demographics, demography matters, east germany, germany, links, migration, senegal, spain
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