Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[BLOG] Some Friday links

  • At Acts of Minor Treason, Andrew Barton deals with the matter of antimatter in the aftermath of the recent development of storage teechniques. Yes, it will be carefully controlled; no, for reasons of cost and physics, it'll not be a significant threat.

  • Centauri Dreams reports on the discovery of an ancient planet that not only traces its origin to a galaxy cannibalized by the Milky Way, but which actually existed for millions of years inside the atmosphere of a red giant sun.

  • The Global Sociology Blog criticizes pro-developed country biases in globalization by pointing to cotton exports from West Africa, hindered by domestic subsidies and import protections.

  • The Power and the Money's Noel Maurer argues that one of the major reasons for the weakness of the Mexican criminal justice system is the fact that very little--absolutely, and relative to the United States--is actually spent on enforcing law and order.

  • Slap Upside the Head mocks a Canadian evangelical Christian who's arguing about a transgender rights bill because transvestite serial killers would supposedly benefit from its protections.

  • Spacing Toronto examines the need for Toronto to renovate its aging stock of apartment housing, for safety and environmental reasons.

  • Wasatch Economics' Scott Peterson observes that population growth in Oregon is continuing to slow down, likely a consequence of a weak job market.

  • Window on Eurasia suggests that in large parts of Asian Russia, Protestants and other non-Orthodox practitioners outnumber practitioners of Orthodox Christianity (though I'd be willing to bet that people of Orthodox Christian background are still comfortably in the majority).

Tags: blogs, christianity, crime, economics, former soviet union, glbt issues, globalization, links, mexico, migration, religion, russia, science fiction, space science, toronto, united states, west africa
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