Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[CAT] Happy second adoption-anniversary, Shakespeare!

Jerry took these photos of Shakespeare when he was still a kitten, and I'm grateful to him for doing so. How much he grew!

Out of the box

Here I am, holding a Shakespeare newly extracted from his Toronto Humane Society box.

Kitty Love

We investigate each other; hopefully, we both like what we see.

Crashed Out

We're both asleep.

Jerry and Shakespeare

Here, Jerry is training Shakespeare in the art of combating rolled-up newspapers.

Shakespeare and Frederick (1)

Here's Shakespeare with my miniature stuffed Canadian moose Frederick.

Shakespeare and Frederick (2)

Here, Shakespeare plays with Frederick.

Shakespeare in Winter

Here, Shakespeare demonstrates the innate knowledge of the cat in winter to prepare the hunt.

Too Adorable

He reacted well enough to having his ears tugged.

I've an album containing all fifteen pictures hosted at Facebook, here.
Tags: cats, non blog, photos, shakespeare
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