Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[BLOG] Some Friday links

  • Arctic Progress observes that northwestern European Russia and northern Norden are entering a resources-driven economic boom.

  • At blogTO, Derek Flack walks along the former course of Garrison Creek, a buried watercourse that incidentally has always been near my residences.

  • Burgh Diaspora observes that post-crackdown Arizona is hemorrhaging Hispanics of all citizenship statuses.

  • Crooked Timber's Henry Farrell cuts-and-pastes an essay together out of two economists who argue that the particular nature of Ireland's political economy--weak budget management driven the ideological preferences on taxation, networks between builders and government officials, ad peculiar union restructuring of the workforce--caused the meltdown.

  • Eastern Approaches comments on the politics of naming Balkan airports.

  • Landscape+Urbanism celebrates the rise of the urban turkey, which can apparently thrive in urban and suburban areas.

  • Language Log comments on some unusual free speech cases in the United Kingdom and Ireland, arguing that common sense rather than the sorts of overreaction that leads to judicial prosecution would be preferable.

  • Personal Reflection's Jim Belshaw suggests that one reason New Zealand living standards are comparable to the Australian despite significantly lower FDP per capita comes from a truncated income pyramid (fewer wealthy people, since a smaller and more distant market provided fewer high-paying jobs). He's skeptical that GDP per capita can converge given current paradigms.

  • At The Search, Douglas Todd blogs about self-righteous activists from the left and right--he mentions Greens, here--whose self-righteousness masks personal concerns.

  • Torontoist reposted photos of female strippers (and others) who used the roof of strip club Zanzibar for smoke breaks. Controversy ensued.

  • At The Zeds, Michael Steeleworthy shows some of the video tutorials that he and his fellow librarians have developed for new users of the Dalhousie University library system.

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