Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[LINK] "NDP's Brosseau admits she's never been to riding, but excited to go soon"

You know that people in a riding were desperate for change when they elect people like Ms. Brousseau. I say this not to bash her--there's no reason, I think, why she can't become a good MP, can't get the qualifications necessary--but I find just her victory so stunning.

The elusive newly-elected New Democrat who made headlines for going to Las Vegas during the election campaign has finally given an interview.

Ruth Ellen Brosseau told a newspaper in her Quebec riding that her victory came as a shock but that she is very excited about the opportunity.

Ms. Brosseau says in the interview with Le Nouvelliste that she will quit her job as a bartender in Ottawa and devote herself to the new job.

The Ruth Ellen watch intensifies She admits she has never visited the riding Berthier-Maskinonge but is excited to go soon.

The single mother speaks little French but says she is trying to improve so she can better serve her mostly francophone constituents.

Ms. Brosseau came under fire for her vacation during the campaign, but there are also questions about whether signatures on her nomination papers were falsified.

The interview was Ms. Brosseau's first since the election despite a plethora of media requests.
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