Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[LINK] "Washington's green light for gays may take bite out of B.C. weddings"

I'm glad that at least one sector of Canada's tourism industry is facing failure. (The Vancouver Sun's Tara Carman explains what I mean.)

As same-sex couples in Washington state celebrate Tuesday's referendum win, some Vancouver-area event planners are anticipating a smaller piece of the wedding cake.

"I do think that it's going to affect my market for destination weddings here in B.C. quite a bit," said wedding planner Christine Rock, owner of Viva Las Weddings.

About 40 per cent of Rock's clients consist of same-sex couples, almost all of whom are American, she said. A few have come from Washington state, but most hail from farther south.

[. . .]

Gay marriage was already legal in six states plus the District of Columbia heading into Tuesday's U.S. election, when Maine, Maryland and Washington state brought the total to nine.

Washington, however, is similar to B.C. in terms of geography and culture, making it all the more important for this province to amp up tourism marketing efforts in order to compete, Rock said. This week's reincarnation of defunct Crown corporation Tourism B.C. as Destination B.C. is timely for her industry, she said.

"Before this ... same-sex couples had a reason to come to Canada to get married. Now more than ever we need something like Destination B.C. to promote B.C. on its own merits rather than just a destination choice for same-sex marriages that are legal."
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