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[URBAN NOTE] "Rob Ford's brother won't rule out Toronto mayoralty bid"

CBC's reports on one possible outcome: city councillor Doug Ford may run for the office of mayor vacated by his brother if a by-election is called. (Karen Stintz, a city councillor who gained some measure of popularity by breaking with Ford on transit issues, is another possible.)

Toronto Coun. Doug Ford would not rule out running to replace his brother as mayor if Rob Ford is barred as a candidate in a byelection ahead of the 2014 municipal election.

[. . .]

The ruling allows Ford to remain mayor for 12 days, but he can apply for a stay or appeal the judge’s decision.

If those moves fail to keep Ford in the mayor’s chair, city council has the option of appointing a new mayor or calling a byelection to replace him.

Doug Ford on Wednesday would not confirm or deny a report in the Toronto Star that he would seek the mayoralty if his brother Rob was barred from running in a byelection.

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it," he told CBC News. "I'm not denying it, I'm saying I'm focused on Rob here. Rob's the mayor and I'm going to support Rob to the bitter end."

[. . .]

Ford also said supporters of the mayor have been calling and voicing their opposition to the judge's ruling.

"We have the base rallied like we've never had the base rallied before," he said. "If the election was held today, in my humble opinion Rob would be mayor the next day after the election."
Tags: democracy, politics, toronto, urban note
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