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[URBAN NOTE] "TTC stations, vehicles to use Presto card by 2016"

CBC reports that the Presto smart card, used in almost all of the Greater Toronto Area's public transit systems save for a TTC that uses it only in a limited way, is going to be introduced system-wide by 2016.

A Toronto Star question-and-answer goes into more detail. One question that concerns me is whether or not the TTC's Metropass, which offers unlimited TTC-wide travel on a monthly basis, will be offered by the new Presto. Did I miss something or was this question not answered?

The electronic fare card is already in use throughout the GO Transit system and at 14 TTC stations. More than 400,000 transit riders in the GTA already use Presto, which allows users to pay their fare by tapping the card against an electronic reader.

The reader also automatically deducts money from an amount the rider pre-loads onto the card.

The card saves riders the trouble of paying their fare with change or tokens. It also enables riders whose trips span two different transit systems to travel more easily throughout the region.

The plan is to have Presto cards eventually replace tokens by 2016.

TTC chair Karen Stintz said Presto machines will first be installed at subway stations, with the goal of having them in all stations by late 2013.

Stintz said the new streetcars set to enter service starting in 2014 will be equipped with Presto readers, so the readers won’t be added to the existing streetcar fleet.

After streetcars, the readers will be installed in buses, Stintz said.
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