Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[URBAN NOTE] "Give Toronto council a time-out"

The traditionally pro-Ford Toronto Sun, in the person of its columnist Mike Strobel, responded to Ford's expulsion from office by arguing that city council as a whole should also be kicked out of office, removing democratic representation entirely.

(Strobel last appeared here as the author of a column in his paper criticizing Slutwalk, comparing women to prey animals. "There are no such marches on Manitoulin Island, where my cabin nestles. But there are lots of deer. And lots of hunters.")

The gist of Hackland's ruling is that Ford should not have voted last February when council considered making him pay $3,150 he'd solicited for his football charity using city letterhead.

Council voted overwhelmingly in Ford's favour, so his own vote was meaningless, except it's a technical breach of the province's harsh municipal ethics rules.

So what of the other councillors? I say give 'em two years for being accessories to the mayor's "crime," for aiding and abetting, or even for not reporting it.

[. . .]

Other offences: Being unusually childish, obtuse, partisan, self-serving and dysfunctional.

Rarely outside of Korea has local politics seen such yapping, mewling, growling, pouting, posturing, sneering and jeering. It has even nearly come to blows, Korean-style, between councillors.

And it's confusing. I forget, are we getting subways, LRT or horse-drawn wagons?
Tags: democracy, politics, toronto, urban note
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