Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[URBAN NOTE] "Looking Back: Toronto By Night I"

Toronto transit writer Steve Munro has a wonderful photo post up, of night-time pictures of the TTC taken at different points from the late 1960s through to the early 1970s.

During this period, a friend and I spent a lot of time chasing works equipment to various track projects around town. Standard M.O.: sit opposite Hillcrest gate waiting for the work cars to depart, follow them on their way, and set up for photos when they stayed put long enough.

Many of the PCC photos are from all-night charters, yes, I admit it, “fantrips” where a bunch of rail buffs of dubious sanity would not only stay up all night riding a streetcar and photographing it, but would charter a car for the purpose. Professionals have words for such people, and these tend to be dismissive at best suggesting that the “foamers” are unfit to comment on transit policy. I won’t say anything about the competence of those making such remarks beyond noting that I have a blog now, four decades on, and they don’t.

The pictures are remarkable for their historical value, not only regarding the TTC but regarding Toronto as a whole. See this single example.

C2 westbound at Dundas and Bathurst. The library on the southeast corner was brand new, but most of the office towers (not to mention the condos) that now make up the view of downtown had yet to be built.
Tags: bathurst street, dundas street west, history, toronto, ttc
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