Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[FORUM] Might a globalized feminism take off in 2013?

A post at the Global Sociology Blog entitled "Let’s Make 2013 The Year We Tell The Patriarchy To GFI" points out numerous highly-publicized events related to patriarchy: the death of a woman in Ireland after she was denied a potentially life-saving abortion;, the terrible things said by too many politicians about rape in the run-up to the American election; the legitimation by a Kansas court of a woman's firing by a boss who sexually harassed her; the gang rape and murder of an anonymous Indian woman, the support lent by the Pope to oppressive and often violent homophobia.

One of the benefits of the sexual assaults and rapes that have happened in the past year and terrible things that said about rape--in Toronto, in the United States, in India--is that it's forcing people to confront rape and its associated enablers in our cultures. Most spectacularly in India, this seems to have given voice a very loud, angry, and coherent mass movement interested in improving the lot of women and criticizing patriarchal traditions. (I, and my own kind, obviously benefit from this too.)

What say you all?

(Happy New Year!)
Tags: crime, feminism, forums, futurology, glbt issues, politics, popular culture
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