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[URBAN NOTE] "Casa Loma could be our house"

Patty Winsa's Toronto Star article describes how it looks like part of Casa Loma will actually be converted to a museum of Toronto history.

One thing that comes up in the article is the location of Casa Loma relative to other historic sites in Toronto, most notably the City of Toronto Archives are located just a couple hundred metres south of Casa Loma on Spadina Avenue. Another museum district aborning?

Plans to use part of Casa Loma as a Toronto museum are moving ahead. Although like Sir Henry Pellatt’s 1914 dream home — which was never completed inside — the vision has been scaled back.

“We are not the Guggenheim Museum. We need to be thinking modestly and do something to move the ball in the right direction,” says Councillor Joe Mihevc, referring to former unrealized plans for a Toronto museum with $80 million to $100 million price tags.

“They were grand dreams,” he says. “It’s not going to happen at that scale.”

Instead, the museum will be housed in the buildings across the street from Casa Loma, which total 25,000 square feet and include the Hunting Lodge where Pellet stayed as well as the stables, greenhouse and a potting shed. A couple of rooms in the main house may also form part of the museum.

The city is looking for ideas from prospective operators and will send out a request for expressions of interest early next year. The councillor expects there to be some element of fundraising or philanthropy to cover all the costs.
Tags: history, museums, spadina avenue, toronto, urban note
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