Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[URBAN NOTE] "Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti says he’s probing a city hall conspiracy"

Oh please be quiet.

Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti now says he quit Mayor Rob Ford’s executive committee in part to investigate a conspiracy that might have involved phone tapping and people being followed.

Mammoliti made the startling accusation Thursday to reporters camped outside of Ford’s office hoping to hear from the mayor a day before an appeal court rules if it will uphold his ejection from office.

“There is an investigation going on in my office and it seems there are some people in this city that have targeted certain individuals and have planned to do a number of things over the next little while.

“Once that surfaces I’ll be going to the police,” said Mammoliti, who dramatically quit Ford’s executive in November, saying it was what his constituents wanted after Ford was found to have breached provincial law.

The colourful Ward 7 York West councillor is in hot water himself after a city-ordered audit found his 2010 election campaign overspent the limit by 44 per cent. The compliance audit committee meets Feb. 4 to decide whether to turn the findings over to a prosecutor for possible legal action.

Mammoliti now says he started to get calls “telling me that there have been some meetings, some secret meetings amongst private citizens and councillors.” He decided to investigate himself and felt it wasn’t “appropriate” to do that while sitting on executive, he said.

Since then he has received information suggesting “my phones for instance, and other phones, being either tampered with or tapped, and it’s pointed to other people being followed in the city by private members of Toronto.”
Tags: conspiracies, politics, toronto, urban note
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