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[URBAN NOTE] Jeremy Feist on letting Rob Ford get away with things

Xtra! blogger Jeremy Feist began his post "Long live our idiot mayor" by linking to the Toronto Star report that Mayor Rob Ford will not be prosecuted for overspending on his mayoral campaign.

Tuesday will be the first day in nearly two years that Mayor Rob Ford will not have to worry that he might be evicted from office by a judge.

The city’s compliance audit committee voted 2-1 on Monday against hiring a special prosecutor to pursue non-criminal charges against Ford for alleged election finance violations. Ford, whose mayoralty has been plagued by legal distractions, has now won both of the cases that threatened his political future.

An auditor concluded that Ford’s 2010 mayoral campaign committed numerous “apparent contraventions” of the Municipal Elections Act. But his lawyer, Tom Barlow, told the committee the breaches were insignificant and unintentional — and that, through the audit and the accompanying media scrutiny, Ford has learned his lesson and “answered for his conduct.”

[. . .]

The committee’s decision was a second major defeat in a month for Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler and Max Reed, the two citizens who filed the audit case and who quietly initiated the conflict of interest case Ford won on appeal in January.

Feist is unhappy with this.

While [Ford i]s constantly -- CONSTANTLY -- fucking up, it's never bad enough for people to go into full-blown outrage. A roll of the eyes, a week's worth of punchlines maybe, but one of the few thing Ford does right is that he screws up enough to get called out, but not enough for the city by and large to hold him accountable.

The result of this is that Ford's fanbase rallies behind him stronger. His poll numbers actually went up from 45% to 48% since the campaign spending trial. I get it, Ford seems like a humble man of the people, in that he's about as competent as any average Torontonian could be. It's relatable. And when the government cracks down on him, it just makes it look like big government is going after the common folk, despite the fact that Ford is rich as balls and oh yes, he's the mayor of Toronto. But people will still see it as elitists and intellectualists condescending to the average person.

If you're interested in Toronto affairs, you really should read his blog.
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