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Here they are!

annie lennox - no more i love yous (video)
annie lennox - walking on broken glass (video)
annie lennox - why (video)
bjork - army of me
bjork - big time sensuality
bjork - hyperballad (video)
bjork - it's oh so quiet (video)
blondie - heart of glass (video)
blondie - maria (video)
blondie - the tide is high (video)
cure - lovesong
david bowie - ashes to ashes (video)
david bowie - fame '90 (video)
david bowie - i'm afraid of americans (video)
david bowie - life on mars (video)
david bowie - space oddity (video)
david bowie - the man who sold the world (video)
eurythmics - here comes the rain again (video)
eurythmics - love is a stranger (video)
eurythmics - never gonna cry again (video 240x180)
eurythmics - sweet dreams (video)
eurythmics - there must be an angel (playing with my heart) (video)
garbage - androgyny (video)
garbage - breaking up the girl (video)
garbage - cherry lips (live 2001)
garbage - cherry lips (video)
garbage - i think i'm paranoid (video)
garbage - milk (video)
garbage - only happy when it rains (video)
garbage - push it (video)
garbage - queer (video)
garbage - special (video)
garbage - stupid girl (live video)
garbage - stupid girl (video)
garbage - the trick is to keep breathing (video)
garbage - the world is not enough (video)
garbage - vow (video)
garbage - vow (willow video)
garbage - when i grow up (big daddy movie video)
garbage - you look so fine (video)
george michael - freedom '90 (video)
george michael - too funky (video)
kate bush - cloudbusting (video)
kate bush - running up that hill (video)
kate bush - suspended in gaffa (video)
kate bush - the big sky (video)
kate bush - wuthering heights (video)
madonna - what it feels like for a girl (video)
mick jagger and david bowie - dancing in the street (video)
mylène farmer - c'est une belle journée (video)
mylène farmer - california (video)
mylène farmer - dessine-moi un mouton (live)
mylène farmer - je t'aime melancolie (video)
mylène farmer - je te rends ton amour (video)
mylène farmer - l'instant x (video)
mylène farmer - l'âme-stram-gram (mylenium tour)
mylène farmer - libertine (video)
mylène farmer - maman a tort (video)
mylène farmer - xxl (video)
new order - 60 mph (video)
new order - bizarre love triangle (video)
new order - blue monday (video)
new order - regret (video)
new order - true faith (video)
peter gabriel - shock the monkey (video)
peter gabriel - sledgehammer (video)
peter gabriel - steam (video)
peter gabriel with kate bush - don't give up (video version 2)
prodigy - smack my bitch up (video)
queen, david bowie and mick ronson - heroes (video)
sade - by your side (video)
sade - smooth operator (video)
sarah mclachlan - into the fire (video)
sarah mclachlan - possession (video)
sarah mclachlan - sweet surrender (video)
shakespears sister - dirty mind 90
shakespears sister - dirty mind rehearsals
shakespears sister - goodbye cruel world
shakespears sister - goodbye cruel world (live)
shakespears sister - hello (turn the radio on)
shakespears sister - heroine (live)
shakespears sister - hot love (live)
shakespears sister - i don't care (live on letterman)
shakespears sister - i don't care (live)
shakespears sister - stay
shakespears sister - stay (top of the pops 1)
shakespears sister - stay (top of the pops 2)
shakespears sister - you're history
sinéad o'connor - no man's woman (video)
sinéad o'connor - nothing compares 2 u (video)
suzanne vega - luka (video)
tori amos - caught a lite sneeze (video)
tori amos - crucify (neon genesis evangelion video)
tori amos - crucify (video)
tori amos - raspberry swirl (video)
tori amos - spark (video)
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