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Lost Friends

Last night, I contacted and old friend of mine. Our mothers were old friends who'd met at their common workplace in the late 1970's, and they'd maintained contact before we'd exchanged a couple of visits as teenagers and maintained an E-mail correspondence. I lost contact with Ryan a while back, in late August of 1998.

Last night, I was curious, so I googled his name and found him listed as President of his university's History Society, not to mention webmaster of the History Society's website. I sent him--or at least, the person I thought was him--an E-mail, and I got a reply back just a couple of hours later. He's doing quite well, having graduated with a BA in History and Geography and working towards his History MA. He's doing quite well, in short, and he seemed happy to see me.

It's nice to resolve unfinished business, isn't it?
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