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[NON BLOG] Sam the Record Man

Sam the Record Man once had a store in Charlottetown, on the ground floor of the building on the northwestern corner of University Avenue and Kent Street. That store closed long before Sam Sniderman's chain slid into bankruptcy. Despite occupying a prime corner, the space once leased to Sam the Record Man remains vacant, proof of the profound decay that is slowly taking over downtown Charlottetown. This is doubly a shame since Sam the Record Man's departure deprived Charlottetown of a second CD store in the downtown area.

Fortunately, Sam the Record Man's Yonge Street store remains open. There is a HMV store just down the street, but I tend to prefer Sam the Record Man. Not only is the latter store physically more attractive than the antiseptic modernity of HMV, with its inked signatures of rock stars and the framed million-selling CDs and recordings on its walls, but its staff seems to be more personable and helpful. I was able to get this single, for instance, just one day after it came in.
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