Randy McDonald (rfmcdpei) wrote,
Randy McDonald

[LINK] The Future Balance of Power in Global Public Opinion

A recent opinion poll by Toronto polling firm GlobeScan suggests that most people around the world favour Europe taking a higher profile in the world. Just as interestingly, France is the country most widely seen as having a positive influence on the world; the United States ranks alongside Russia as one of the least popular countries. China seems to be an increasingly popular country thanks to the positive perception of Chinese trade and popular culture, though the idea of China becoming a military power remains unpopular worldwide. Countries and regions more notable for their soft power (Europe, China) tend to be significantly more popular than countries notable for their military power.

Worldwide, the Globescan report notes that the well-off, the educated, and the young seem to tend to not feel ot to be friendly towards the United States. This is not a good trend for the United States, though one wonders: If Europe and China develop military establishments as capable as the American, what will world opinion be then?
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